sherrill Overview

I'm a writer, working on two books I hope to publish. 
The rest of this website shows what I do to make that happen.


Book 1: As boring as enlightenment

Boris is an aging stage actor, strung out on self-pity, CNS stimulants, and identity crises. We see him explore, in a life-boat launching demeanor, every spiritual technique available to the inner screamer today. Well, maybe not every technique but close.

His best friend, soon-to-be woman, Minnie, joins Boris as a spiritual wing-person, flying her own way through the slings and arrows of NYC.

This is a literary diptych, exploring identity where there is none and chaos on the road to love.

Book 2: as yet untitled (The joy in a diptych is that you can read either book first)

Long Meg is a fifth-generation Irish witch, living in Northern England. She struggles like the kitty in Pepé Le Pew to leave the fold and live a regular, boring existence as an account exec.

Nothing doing.

Sometimes you cannot hide your DNA. Meg rises to the challenge to try, leaving a hole in her coven and a permanent grin on her ad agency's CEO.



inner hierarchy as a concept

On waking one morning, these stories arrived as a "download," and I use that word because I never would have thought of them with my habitual mind. So without ado, I set them down. Immediately I found subjective correlations among people I knew, and knew of, and their post-traumas. If you believe in reincarnation— and I'm counting on the fact that you do—we're all post-traumatic somehow, dating a fuck of a long way back.

These books are my way of thanking each one of you for sticking it out, being in it for the long haul, and never, ever, ever, EVER giving up on who you are meant to become and for whom you are meant to become that.