Read about my tarot services


Read about my tarot services


NOTE: I'm not currently available for personal readings. 

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I found the tarot in my pre-teen years and I don't mind telling you that it saved my life! The imagery and symbolism still soothe me, and I am ever surprised at how the cards can be so helpful for clarifying immediate confusion.

The time we spend in a session focuses on exploring the particular spread you wish—from business to love and back—to look into that area of life that needs attention/ascension.

Through Spirit, we can receive very clear communication on and answers to important questions. This helpful tool gives us the confidence to move forward in life, knowing that our connection to the universe is the best teacher and always available!

How do we do it? You order your reading and through the Contact page, you send me up to three subjects that you'd like to address.

I record your hour-long session and upload a private video to YouTube where you can watch the information as many times as you like. This also helps us if you order additional sessions, for which I charge roughly half, at $53. We repeat the same process, so you can have an easily accessible tarot channel of your own! Following the cards this way shows patterns and growth.

My most popular spread is a partnership reading with two separate decks showing the dynamic between two polarities and the reconciling force - affirming/denying energies show most clearly for me in this spread.

I'm currently no longer doing vocation spreads, focusing more on the love relationship with Self!

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