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Read about my astrology services


NOTE: I'm currently available for personal readings. Thanks for stopping by!


My practice comes from the deeply involved tradition of Evolutionary Astrology. Through the natal horoscope we explore the soul's evolution in its desire to unite or separate from source.

Our karmic signatures are felt through the experience of joy and also the challenges we face, and chart delineation offers the tool to best work with these archetypal energies, thereby supporting our evolution and pointing us in the direction that allows us to become the souls we were meant to become, by our co-creator's design.

How do we do it? You order your chart and through the Contact page, you send me up to three subjects that you'd like to address, along with your dd/mm/yy/time & place of birth. 

I record your hour-long session and upload a private video to YouTube where you can watch the information as many times as you like. This also help us if you would like additional sessions, for which I charge roughly half, at $53. We repeat the same process, so that you can have an easily accessible astrology channel of your own! 

For synastry relationship charts, you'll need the permission of your significant other and exact birth time. I'm not currently doing composite or synastry chart readings.

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