Read About My: Shamanic Arts Session


Read About My: Shamanic Arts Session


Why is shamanism so important to world culture? The simplest answer is that it offers a worldview that is vital to human's future survival. We might understand the importance of keeping the world in balance and to revere the air, waters, and land, but how are we taking responsibility for that and for our personal balance? This is the question we explore together in a shamanic arts session, the expression of which is as unique as each individual.

The world is not a dead place, but vibrantly alive with spirits and souls in everything and in every place, all animals and plants have sentient souls much like ourselves.    

For that reason, deep respect for nature spirits and living things shape our life ethics and minimize our negative impressions on the earth. Ignoring our responsibility is the root of all our environmental problems today in the parts of the world where this essential connection to and respect for Mother Earth has been forgotten. Until humankind remembers this connection we will continue to endanger our own future. These words are not anti-technology but a call for a re-considering how to use it. I think you'll agree we could all use an adjustment to our tech practices.

There are three basic ideas in shamanism that are essential for the future lifestyle of all people:                                                                        

1. Sustaining balance in the world: The ideal for living in shamanism is best described by being in balance. This implies doing things in moderation and also with consideration of the effects of one’s actions on others. When one’s actions are too negative one’s personal spiritual power will be depleted and one will be susceptible to disease and other dangers. In such cases a shaman is called to restore balance, and these are the services I offer. From a modern standpoint, the essential meaning of this is to live temperately and conscientiously; keeping negative and positive actions in balance. 

2. Reverence for the earth and living things: Respect for the environment is the most essential for survival into the future. Mother Earth and Father Sky have created us and nurtured us for millions of years and deserve our respect.

3. Personal Responsibility: Personal responsibility is the third important aspect of shamanist philosophy. The ultimate relationship every person has is with Spirit, there are no holy books, no priests or shamans come in between this basic relationship. This means that every person is responsible for one’s own actions, to be free.

Most people believe that there is a supernatural force, many have their own names for it, but ultimately the relationship between a human and the universe is very personal.

I hope to help promote self-respect among people, as well as make us aware of the fact that at this time we have an information revolution in which other cultures can be understood.

As our society is becoming global and cosmopolitan, and all nations must live together in peace while preserving those truly unique and valuable things that they individually have preserved from their own ancient traditions. Therefore I want to do my small part in helping to preserve and promote the unique traditions of shamanism for the future.



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