Saturn Transiting First-House Capricorn: The Subjective Skinny

 Photo by  Annie Spratt

Photo by Annie Spratt

This shit is about to get real. Sometimes using an expletive is the only way to express the intensity of a particular transit. Oh my fucking God. I use these words to give—if I can give Saturn transits justice in words, which seem to be too dense a substance to portray my last three, nay, seven years of hell—my truth to those willing to listen. Considering Saturn's last retrograde cycle through Sagittarius >> Capricorn >> R >> Sagittarius >> D >> Capricorn went over my Mercury H12/ASC/Sun H1 conjunct on the Galactic Center has brought me to that truth, I figure writing about it will soothe my bruised soul.

occasionally Uniting with source is demanding.

I'm not going to get into the gory details because this isn't reality TV. It is a reality created just for me, though, to show me where I needed the pass into my own prison pinned repeatedly to my now bloody forehead before I actually listened. Met with a maze of discomfort on every possible level, the phrase "comfort zone" was unfortunately where I kept scrambling back toward to hide. No such luck, Saturn has me by the balls. (See the quick version of the myth here: Satrun = Cronos.)

 Photo by  Silvestri Matteo  on  Unsplash

I'm headed for my Saturn 3/4 square

OK. Some lessons learned, I head onto a new path with my baby centaur leg hair shivering in the wind. I know I have to head toward the end of this lane, but I also know that my third-quarter Saturn square, so heavy and silently onerous, rides my new-born back. The square will be exact in two days, so today, I'm engaging this energy by writing to y'all. Thanks for being there, without you I'm not sure what the hell I'd be doing, because my other disciplines are not where Saturn wants me to be. I've tried; I've failed beyond measure.

Did I mention the recent Chiron retrograde cycle hit right on my Chiron Return? Three passes conjunct my Chiron. Sure, why not. How better to drive Saturn's lessons home than to allow this last lunar eclipse—taking place exactly conjunct my moon/vertex, ha!—its havoc and after-party heaven. I'm going to tell you only one other tidbit, Uranus is exactly conjunct my North Node :)

I haven't exploded yet.

Here's a list of lessons underway and evolving. I must:

  • surround myself with people that feel like the Sun, supporting me as if it is a matter of fact and not a duty (goodbye most of my friends)
  • love the little bits of myself that are less than ideal: I have conditioned false realities that created an ugly creature, but I must give her the love that was absent and the reason she was created in the first place
  • understand that I do not have to take on my ancestors' karma, this thought creates karma of its own
  • understand that every motherfucker who tried and nearly destroyed me is my ally, and I must also love them
  • show up
  • kick ass when I need to (NN in Aries... no more co-dependent bull hockey)
  • cry in gratitude when the mood strikes, no stifling for later

Seven points should be enough, lo? and an apt number for a Saturn cycle.

 Photo by  Gül Kurtaran  on  Unsplash

Photo by Gül Kurtaran on Unsplash

Saturn Is a Genius in Mesh Pinnafore

Within two years, a foal reaches 90% of its full growth. Do you think it's the same for a centaur? If I manage to heed Saturn's call in Capricorn, to get down into serious living the way I want to live, then yes, I believe so. If I continue to mess around with the general fuckery of ignoring my inner maze, then no. It will be history repeating. 

Over the last seven years there have been mini-miracles: I spontaneously quit smoking. Same goes for drinking (I still want to drink wine, I am Italian after all, but my body ignites like a Bunsen burner when I do!), and so many other things just fell by the wayside... coffee, eating habits, emotional habits, etc. So something in me is listening to the up-coming Balsamic phase to my Saturn return.

Yea, I shall return with the tide.
— Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet

I still have Capricorn & Aquarius (a shout out to the partial solar eclipse in Aquarius! Woot! In honor of the occasion, I'm going blonde, the only color I have yet try...) to contend with, letting Saturn revamp my serious and freak-flag natures, respectively, before he hits Pisces, the only sign standing between me and my Saturn Return in Aries.

I define this last-quarter recipe as self-will meets self-love in healing: this is the combination to my North Node vault, just a stone's throw from my natal Saturn. 

Of the three ingredients, self-love is the project manager, steering my perverse little heart toward itself, rocking and whispering lullabies to itself that it never received for what feels like lifetimes. This writing is self-nourishing for the heart, and I plan to do something like it every day, just to say thanks for its relentless beating all these years. Without that, self-will means nothing and will only express itself by incorrect action, the repercussions to which I always find out a little too late.

 Photo by  Toa Heftiba

Photo by Toa Heftiba

So yeah, self-love every time I see a part of me that hasn't received enough of it, that's the plan.

Who's with me?

January 31 Full Lunar Eclipse: Let's Roar in Leo Style!

 Photo by  Mohammad Metri

Leo Rules the 5th House

The Sun rules here, so imagine everything you feel the Sun to portray: it shines on you and everything else; planets orbit it; it raises tiny things into big ones, so the fifth house is the house of children; the sun sheds its playful rays on emotions, the intellect, and commands a particular physical prowess; it has gravitas; this is the house of sexy monarchy: where does your crown shine?

Wherever Leo sits in your natal chart is where you'll experience this January 31 Total Lunar Eclipse. You'll also find the above attributes, plus all the other passionately engaging Leo qualities. Put that Leo with the Scorpio archetype in the eighth house, for example, and you've got one passionate and hardcore Leo energy, ready to confront the world, perhaps even inviting confrontation! If you have planets in this house then add that to the mix... [yes, I have the Moon conjunct vertex at 11 degrees, the exact degree where this total lunar eclipse in Leo takes place. My Jupiter conjunct Kaali & Eros will be watching it all from Virgo, further on into my wide eighth-house stretch. Am I ready to surf this emotional tsunami? You bet yer gnarly waxed surfboard I am!]

Let's look at Leo in each of the houses, so you can see where you have the opportunity to chainsaw old and useless doors that are either locked or closed for good but that you keep around for sentimental reasons. Believe me, you keep stuff around that no longer suits your solar panel and you will deplete your energy. Weak-ass doors take up space that could otherwise be filled with new portals, ones that lead to your soul's evolution. It's time for renovation, people... and you can use those doors as surf boards. Oh, Lord…

So that's the Sun. Now for the Moon.

 Mary Shelley by Esao Adams

Mary Shelley by Esao Adams

Ruling Cancer, the Moon represents the divine feminine and your female ascendants and descendants. This energy is the anima in men, the female part to the psyche, so we're all going to receive great experiences to show how we approach nurturing and caring for ourselves (Sun). Me. Raw. Rawr

Childhood wounds could come to the fore, but also memories of special moments of nature and nurture, offered to us on a golden platter of the absolute truth of the Sun.

The houses below show which area in your life that you need to further your commitment to self-love, plus address and eclipse any lack thereof, by removing anything in the way of your solar power. Self-pity, negation, and false belief devil-talk are simply not welcome. When we are authentically "us" we can invite the polar opposite energy of the collective to join us in our confident wellbeing. By being who we are, we allow others to also be themselves.

I use the porphyry house system, so my eighth house starts with Leo and ends in Virgo, roughly a 50/50 split. For those of you who know your charts, you can read whichever house ruler resonates with you. For those of you who do not know your natal chart, study astrology, it will blow your fucking mind.

Onward ho! Get yer lunar boots on, my kings and queens, and crank those saws.

Aries glyph.jpg

First House

Aries rules the first house, so with Leo on this cusp, you add cardinal fire (Aries) to fixed fire (Leo): Me First! Sun + Mars = dynamic self-authority. Sooo... take your opposing seventh house (ruled by Libra) into consideration here. Ask yourself if self-nurturing is the only thing on your to-do list. Because your natal seventh house cusp will be Aquarius (Leo's polarity point), this eclipse would be a great time for you to assess your giving levels to "other." Whether that's giving of your attention, time, patience, or back to the community, well, only you can say, but this is an occasion to nurture others for a change. You're fabulous! So shine that fab◦u◦tron a little on someone else, wouldja? We'll all grow because of it!

Taurus glyph.jpg

Second House

If you have Leo in the second house, your self-worth and material appreciation comes from being appreciated in the first place. When your Sun feels secure and can shine uninhibited, then you are generous in your building abilities for self and other. Small acts of graceful kindness are your forte, but if you're sitting in Venus' shadow (Venus rules Taurus), you probably expect either instant praise or reciprocity for your generosity.

Pull on the eighth-house energy, Pluto/Scorpio deductive reasoning, and understand from your deepest emotional levels that the act itself is enough. Eclipse your giving-for-getting (forgetting!) mode and realize you are worth it, without the co-dependent behavior. With Aquarius as your eighth-house polarity point, a great start would be to make some extra cash and give it to a deserving charity. Joy all around...

Gemini glyph.jpg

Third House

Leo in the third house is the consummate toastmistress! And toastmaster. Your tribe will appreciate hearing from you, as always, but do include your gammies and opa's would'ja? Our ancestors' energies will support you from your Aquarian ninth house, and we might be talking DISTANT ancestors here: they do not have to be on Earth to be appreciated and sent some of your big, big love.

Other fabulous eclipsing would be to draw on that great knowledge of yours and share it in your community theater, or poetry slam locale, or get the medium of choice revving up to communicate that knowledge, as only you can do. Display it at the library or send social media pics (I want one!). Your Leo Sun will get deeply reflected here by natrually polarized Aquarius, which offers you the opportunity to seek inwardly for what really nurtures your communication abilities. In which language do you speak? Physical, intellectual, or emotional: find it and give it to us :)

Cancer glyph.jpg

Fourth House

Ah.... Cancer is fourth house... Leo here feels Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn (tenth-house polarity point) effect—in an odd pinball-reverberative way. Neh? If your eclipse lands here then your public life probably has much deeper and increasing significance and responsibility these last years. You have an opportunity to get serious about your non-profit, or whatever funky, humanitarian, and techie vibe you've got happening professionally.

To balance the scales this January 31 Lunar Eclipse, take the time to nurture your home with a small renovation. Take one little project, to give yourself love by loving your immediate environment. Leos generally do not do things in small doses, but make an effort not to waste your energy on a project that will stand incomplete. Afterward, take a long cooling breath, and return to your daily grind. When you see your creation again, back at home, you will be reminded how good it sometimes feels to care for yourself. Just you. And then invite everybody over for dinner to show off your new track lighting (or roof garden, or clean floor)...

Leo glyph.jpg

Fifth House

Sex. Gambling. Jungle Safari AI? Here is authentic fun in the Sun and Moon. Hometown soup. I'm too excited to write in full sentences! Basically this eclipse has come to transform your "me" into "us." No need to be precious about the fun-loving energy you can spread far and wide this January 31. Own it. Give it. Get it back to the enth degree.

This is the solar power that—when dispersed in one stable selfless ray—warms the hearts of many... and none of us, including you, will forget it. This is when ineffective walls come down, doors get tossed, and the release of that God-given roar resounds through history. It's fun and serious at the same time, because when any one of us finds the courage to be vulnerable and takes off the mask we've been wearing for whatever reason, then it truly frees the world. Dive deep into your passion, if only for an instant, and let you eclipse you ;)

Virgo glyph.jpg

Sixth House

Bold and Brave Leo energy meets this exacting Virgo archetype, who despite their skill level often feels self-doubt and ridden with criticism for self or other. Well, now's the time to put your heart into your work for the collective. Take your mind off the minutiae and use your clever discernment to see the bigger picture of where you can serve the greater good. Like soup at a homeless shelter, for example. Or do an errand for Grandma, or meditate and dedicate that meditation to a marginalized group about which you find yourself thinking.

Virgo energy feels healthier when serving some ideal, person, or cause, so with Leo in the sixth house you can shine that selflessness toward the workplace in a general sense, or in the Aquarian sense, to groups that act as an extension to your higher self. That is, check your false belief systems at the door and walk into the devout recognition that we are all one. By doing so, you invite your Sun's polarity point in twelfth-house Pisces energy to do its spiritual happy dance, just from a few small efforts. Virgo's hard work ethic now gets to echo into the ether... Surely the co-creator blesses you for it!

Libra glyph.jpg

Seventh House

Seventh-house Leos would do well to look over and study their Aquarius first-house funk'n'fly attitude.

Leo, in your regal heart, seek and find what this eclipse is for you. Is it to check if you've been giving your power to anyone else, so at day's end you're exhausted of your light? Or do you receive power in the short-term by letting others use your mad diplomacy skills. "Oh, seventh-house Leo, would you come here a minute and give us every single perspective on this problem, please? There's a good Leo..." Jeez, Louise! Either way, you've got hard co-dependent realities to eclipse, and you can if you just keep looking at that Aquarian polarity point. Find what is uniquely you and capitalize on it. Capitalism is detrimental only when someone is abused by its power. In this instance, you can integrate what you have learned in houses one to six, to allow your own universe to unfold. The power available to you is in your fully autonymous self-will, waving at you, Aquarius stylz.

Scorpio glyph.jpg

Eighth House

Transcending self-limits. Okay, that sounds good, but how do I know what's limiting me? Just take a close look at those closed doors I mentioned in the introduction to this blog post about the January 31 Full Lunar Eclipse. Leo in Scorpio's house loves a good skeleton in the closet! This Wolf Moon just might illuminate some stuff you deeply love but had forgotten you did.

For all signs, this Moon is about Self and how we integrate that self into a sure enough state to transcend the old self. This is Leo in Scorpio. Your polarity point Aquarius in the second house will be less attached to co-dependencies, and more interested in co-creations. These are the people we need to seek out in our lives. So if you open one of those closets and realize your skeleton is simply a damn Boggart, created from your fears, then let it out and laugh about it. The Sun shining on your fears, combined with a lunar eclipse, can show you exactly what needs transcending. Do you really need Aunty Phyllis' money? Wouldn't it be better to see how you can co-create your own cash? Ask for archangel guidance—the eighth house often has a hotline to spirit—to nudge you toward those doors that no longer serve you. Set the skeletons free and remember you are a spiritual being having a human experience. Seek out like-minded humans. Then feel your cellular makeup liftoff, and never look back. We're all waiting for the real you :)

Sagi glyph.jpg

Ninth House

Fixed Leo fire meets Mutable Sagittarius fire! Get ready to have a few sparks fly... The truth will come up in a new way this eclipse and your Aquarian polarity point will support that wholeheartedly. While some ninth-house Leos might get a bit boasty while roasting their marshmallows, you can bet that they will accept the challenge of the newly revealed truths and work toward solarizing their potential. So let them perform their truth if they must, we'll probably learn a great deal.

Possibly leaders in higher education or traveling entrepreneurs, publishers, editors, actors, athletes... whichever Sagittarian archetype you inhabit, it's a good time to reach the next level, that is, with a bit of push and elbow grease, you could find some truly deep connections and possibly corrections to your long-held belief systems. How do you see yourself in the natural order of cosmic law? That's a juicy enough question to let simmer, eh? Relax your gut and hip area with a good stretch, and it's likely your mind will follow suit. Do share your truth, and the marshmallows!

Cap glyph.jpg

Tenth House

The Total Lunar Eclipse occurring in Leo in the tenth house is a recipe for career change, if you're up for it, or at the very least a bit of restructuring that will present itself quite unexpectedly through your emotions. Capricorn rules the tenth house and is currently receiving its education from the transformative Pluto and Saturn energies (not to mention a whole lotta other action that is passing or just passed through: obsessive thought patterns anybody? Don't worry, Mercury will clear past Pluto in a bit!). 

As a natural born leader, you might be surprised to feel some deeper emotion stirring in your otherwise clear delegation habits. It does not matter if you are a working-mother CEO, a legal adviser, or on a NASCAR pit crew, your general ability to "Saturn it up" and keep a friendly but detached demeanor might wane as this Moon waxes. The Sun in your fourth-house (ruled by the intuitive Moon) polarity point Aquarius will lend mixed messages, swinging between me/mine/self and you/your/self, leaving you somewhere in the middle. Here's when you call on your soul's purpose, "Soul?" You can ask aloud if you desire, "Soul? what is my purpose in this incarnation?" Then wait. Tenth house energy knows how to build on patience and application, and an eclipse, though swift, is no different in that respect. It is the DO of the DO, RE, MI. The difference is that this is the ascending octave, which takes greater effort, any piano player could tell you that... one note at a time, sing out your directives with passion and emotional truth. We all deserve that, especially you.

Aqua glyph.jpg

Eleventh House

Topsy Turvy energies here, when we switch a polar axis. Eleventh-house Leo Lunar Eclipse can be an in-through-the-out-door opportunity. Your naturally sunny disposition + the full Moon = We Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program to Bring You this Important Message: MUD PIES - ONLY 99 CENTS, FOR ONE KILOMETER PER SECOND! 

Hehe, you got some heavy Earth to contend with this eclipse and that means what? Bringing your genius into material reality, which is not always an easy thing for a Leo in the eleventh house to do, because they often do not care if they do it or not. Pride in and through independence is all well and good, but please notice when you say, "Who am I to tell others how to do something?" If you really do know something, then isn't it, "Who am I not to tell others [...]?" From this can stem relationships that will further your life's purpose and release you from possibly hanging out with the renegades just for rebellion's sake. Your social circle will come up for review at this time; do they respect and reflect your inner self? If not, shine elsewhere.

Pisces glyph.jpg

Twelfth House

Okay, so wherever Leo sits, so goes the Sun as its ruling planet. Having the Sun shine in your twelfth house of deepest spirituality gives the opportunity for this eclipse to raise the tide of your innate desires. What those desires are is up to you. Do you desire to unite or separate from source? This is our soul's question also, in terms of evolutionary astrology, as it is taught. The soul can mean many things to many different people, and it is in the twelfth house that we need not differentiate the one from the other. Here is ethereal consciousness, a place of mystery that I'm not sure we humans are meant to understand, though we are meant to try to understand. To live the mystery, that is Leo's gift in the twelfth house. 

The responsibility here with this eclipse is to witness that high tide, where personal ego meets god/goddess substance. This is where myths are born that have the power to teach a people of their most humble origins. When Leo can balance the Aquarius polarity point with this energy, then we have a natural guru. Not in the religious sense necessarily, but someone who's in the know and can pass that knowledge in service to others. Provided the power created is not appropriated by the ego for selfish purposes, then Leos here can truly rest in their kingdom of heaven. This can produce direct transmission of spiritual truths.

Bring them back to us, won't you?

Aura Reading: Scanning & Healing Techniques


Working on the premise that everything is energy and all energy is connected, we can assume that energy continues its natural expression through our personal atmosphere or "aura." Delving into the scientific auric field explanation in depth is beyond this article's scope, but it is important to address aura reading basics, as it has a direct relation to energy hygiene and the personal responsibility we must take for it.

Imagine the body having a similar expression of energy to that of a tree's rings. There are multiple channels of energy pulsing through our system, and much research of these channels is expressed in traditional and contemporary chakra systems.

An aura traditionally presents as a bioenergy field surrounding the body, and, as with the physical body, it can experience bruising or breaking, among other disharmonies. As an extension to our physical well-being we could correct this disharmony back to its original form, encapsulating the body in a healthy auric field. To do this we must become adept at deciphering the quality of auric energy through a reading or scanning process. It's easier than it sounds!

Chakra Attributes.jpg

After we attune ourselves to allow our hands to become scanners that can easily detect energy needing our healing touch, we become more and more sensitive with experience; we can deepen our healing practice to find the most subtle of imbalanced energies and correct them.

·         Charge your palms using a brisk rubbing technique and allow them to slowly separate and unite while sensing the energy.

·         There will be varied sensations, such as you might feel when holding a pair of magnets: the pull and push of energy; light tingling; pops and shifts, etc. As you practice, these sensations become clearer and easily detectable.

·         After finding the auric area that needs healing, identify whether it needs to be toned (a divot of energy needing to be raised) or sedated (a protrusion of energy need in to be relaxed).

·         Determine the peak or valley point, that is, where you feel the deepest need for healing and present it with a sigil symbol. Depending on the issue at hand, you could be near or quite far from the physical body.

·         Continue the auric field attunement until you feel the work is done. The leveled-out energy will be quite clear.

·         Continue your scan of the body until each point of imbalance has been addressed, keeping in mind the time that passes (some people can go all day!)

We always end a healing session with gratitude and closure. Make it clear to yourself, whichever guides you work with, and your subject that the work is done.

Distance Blockage Techniques

The exact same principles apply to distance healing. The preparation for your practice may differ, as we all have a subjective understanding of how we may best apply our auric healing for others at a distance. For example, you may want to focus on a question the client has, or perhaps a picture of their face or the environment in which they live, all these are viable methods to get into your healing space and transmit your loving energy directly to another: space and time are irrelevant, and one can practice auric clearing as if the subject were in the room.

Bonus Material from Sandra Ingerman "Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing Part 2: Shamanic Practices for Divination, Collective Blessing & Helping Others" course.

We are very pleased to include here a case study of the Remote Transfiguration Experiment that took place as part of the abovementioned course curriculum. The experiment was conducted using a "gas discharge visualization" (GDV) camera, that measures and photographs particle emissions from the body when its electromagnetic field is highly charged. The techniques used show how a strong loving intention to heal can change the energy body for the better.

The results are subtle, yet like a wave on the ocean, the vibrations are felt deep into the physical tissue, manifesting a healing outcome. There is a buzz in the scientific community that has begun to support energy healing modalities as valid methods towards healthy living.

The experiment includes people's testimonial as to what they experienced during the healing session. We thank Sandra Ingerman for her participation in our Aura Evaluation article, by giving us permission to reprint the material.

2016 Remote Transfiguration Experiment for Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing with Sandra Ingerman | Photos and report by Sylvia Edwards

Purpose: To test whether substances and people showed an energetic difference in conjunction with the class exercise of transfiguration. In the exercise, class participants were asked to gather around their virtual altar with the address of a room in a hotel in Louisville, Colorado placed on the altar. They were then asked to see only perfection of all things – people and substances in the room, to drop their physical form and to let their divine light shine, holding it as long as was comfortable.

There were 7 people this experiment as well as a variety of food and liquid substances. The people ranged in age from 53 years to 74 years old. In preparation for the remote transfiguration exercise, they were told to arrive 15 to 30 minutes early. After they allowed their energy to stabilize in a relaxed setting, the pre-testing was done. In this particular experiment, I wanted to see if substances like crystals or stones held the energy of the ceremony. Crystals are known to be programmed, so I wanted to see if they could be programmed to hold the energy of perfection that was being intended for the room.

For the pre-testing, individuals were photographed with the GDV camera, and then asked to hold a crystal or stone for a couple of minutes. They were then photographed for a second time. After the pre-ceremony photos were done, the crystal or stone was then placed somewhere in the room.

The food and liquid substances were also pre-tested. The participants were asked to choose a metaphor for being open to receive and to visualize receiving during the ceremony.

When the session started, I listened in on the session via headphones. When the ceremony actually started, participants were asked to sit quietly and activate their chosen metaphor for receiving. At a point where Sandra was welcoming and honoring the spirits of the elements, I was guided to let the participants hear a couple of minutes of that - to get a sense of the energy. I then plugged the headphones back in so they didn’t hear the actual transfiguration part of the ceremony.

When the ceremony was over, post-testing was done on people and then substances. Comparisons were made of the before and after photos. Individuals were photographed first by themselves and then a second time holding the crystal or stone that they had held in the before testing.


For the participants, an energy shift happened in all of the participants. People take on energy in different ways. For some, the transfiguration ceremony smoothed out their energy field, for some their energy went into a state of chaos, although they reported feeling positive and relaxed during the ceremony. Typically this means that when the energy normalizes, it will smooth out to a more balanced state than the “before” state of a person’s energy. Unfortunately, the last photos taken were right after the ceremony, so I didn’t have a chance to observe what some people’s energy looked like the next day.

The participants made the following observations of their experience:

 - [I got] very hot. Flash of brightness in me and throughout. Then felt/saw as if from inside a very large body – like literally I was seeing the inside of a body – a living body – as if my eyes were part of the body.

 - I was lying on a bed, and I was so relaxed. I was careful not to fall asleep (I thought). At first I had thoughts drifting in and out. Then I fell into a blissful like state of such relaxation. I did not feel weight – just in balance – and oh so well. I had an accident, I fell and my back was hurting (a week ago). I don’t know that lying down only helped it – but it is really feeling nice now – the spine. (This person called me the next day and told me her back was fine when she awoke the next morning and feels this was a spontaneous healing from the ceremony – Sylvia)
 - I focused on just being open – little tension in my head. Sometimes [I saw] white sheet color. Felt vibrations in hands at times, which often happens when I meditate.
 - I was bathed in lots of light. White, purple, green, blue. Feelings of contentment and joy.
 - Felt very relaxed and peaceful. Enjoyed it very much.
 - My heart was racing and it felt harder to breathe.
 - Beginning was much like when I meditate – feeling of Divine perfection and connection. As I opened to receiving, heard a clear voice instructing to “not open to unknown” (unidentified energies). At that very moment you asked about hearing the ceremony. From that point – typical meditation experience. I generally receive odd “drop-ins” of other people’s thoughts and messages.
Here are some examples of the energetic fields of participants:


For this transfiguration experiment, I wanted to see if things like crystals and stones would be programmed or if they held the energy of the room during the ceremony. I photographed the people before the ceremony twice - first without holding anything and then holding a crystal or stone. Then they put their object down. After the ceremony I did the same - photographed the individual by themselves and then holding the same crystal or stone. In the images in this picture - the crystal doesn't add anything in the before shot - it actually seems to disrupt the energetic fields. In the after picture, it smooths everything out - there are no gaps in the auric field and the aura appears to have smoothed out. It seems that the crystal has taken on the properties of the energy during the ceremony. The above photos are of a 53 year old female.

There are three colors in the auric field. The blue represents the physical body, red equals the emotional body and gold represents the spiritual body.

The next example is of a 69 year old female.


Her energetic field looked pretty good to begin with. I offer these as examples of how energy can change. Holding the "unprogrammed" crystal had a disruptive quality to her energy. The Healing with Light ceremony smoothed everything out beautifully and then the crystal after the ceremony seemed to be more in alignment with her energy field.

Everyone is different and everyone takes in energy differently. For me, this example showed the power of the ceremony and how it changed the crystal to be more in alignment with this person's beautiful energy.


This next one is a 55 year old female.

Notice how her aura pretty much smoothed out after sitting through the ceremony where everything in room 147 was seen in its perfection. The gaps and disruptions seemed to smooth out or start to fill in in the auric field.


I wanted to test stones and crystals to see if they held the energy of the ceremony. Instead of testing them individually, I simply put them in a bowl or laid them on a table for the ceremony. I then had people hold them.


When Sandra Ingerman first taught Medicine for the Earth, water was intentionally polluted and then the ceremony of transfiguration was done. When she purchased the GDV camera, I tried to find dead substances to see if the energy could be affected to bring it to a higher vibrational state.

For this experiment, I decided to see how higher vibrational items were affected. Would they change at all?

The substances chosen were:
Organic potatoes
Organic green beans
Organic raisins
Organic celery
Religious medals bought from The Cabrini Shrine, a Catholic sacred place where Mother Cabrini once lived in Colorado.
Soil from Chimayo, New Mexico known to have healing properties.
Vibhuti (an ash substance) from Amma.
Water from the Cabrini Shrine. Some was mixed with plant fertilizer, some was put in bottles – one unmarked, one labeled with negative words and one labeled with positive words, some water that a person that does international healing sells, some iced tea and some rose petals.

Here are some of the results:


The above are photos of the religious medals from the Cabrini Shrine. The after photos show a much more vibrant energy. This is indicated by the larger area of bright blue and the energy around the outside of the medals.

The following are some results from the food substances:


These 3 examples of food also show a much brighter energy field after the ceremony.

In the photograph below, the top captures are soil from El Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico. It is believed that this soil has healing properties. These samples were placed in small glass test tubes to be photographed. I look at the energy coming off of the outside and the increase of the bright blue color in the center. The Vibhuti is an ash substance that is materialized from nothing and this Vibhuti is from Amma. It was given to me from a friend for this test. These are substances that are supposed to be high in vibration to begin with. There were changes to a more vibrant energy from this test, although not as dramatic as some of the other substances.



The perfection that was held for everything in room 147 of the Residence Inn in Louisville, Colorado had a measurable effect on all people and the majority of substances. Some of the substances showed little change such as the celery, rose petals and the water substances.

One of the things I wanted to experiment with was 3 containers of water. One wasn’t marked, one was labeled with positive words and one was marked with negative words (as in the Emoto experiments). In particular I wanted to see if the energy of the ceremony could override the negative labeled water. These samples didn’t change much during the ceremony. This is something I would like to try again someday – keeping the bottles labeled for longer than a week.
Copyright 2016 Sandra Ingerman Used with permission.

From the Upcoming McTavish Regressions: Arabesque

McTavish & Buret.png


Las Vegas, America

Mom is dancing with large feathers on her head and I'm watching with my wide, four-year-old eyes from the side of the stage. In the audience, pretty much everyone wore glasses. They all sit in groups of five or six, in these cool booths with leather studs, drinking amber liquid and tall clear drinks with straws and limes and tiny umbrellas. Mom's “The Main Attraction: Cherise Taloure,” and she sparkles just like a diamond.

We moved to Vegas just after we left Dad, not long ago. I didn't like him anyway because he would make Mom scared for days; I could tell by the shape of her mouth, and her eyes hardly blinked. She cooked and stuff like normal, but she didn't really talk and she looked at her watch and the back door a lot. I mainly played with Lego.

Las Vegas was like one big Lego set, except with lights and fountains. Everybody was real happy all the time, like my mom's manager, Joey Debiasio; he talked real fast and wore rings on almost every finger. Mom's mouth was always smiling and she blinked just fine. One day she was wearing a ring, too, a big shiny one with little feathers on the sides in gold. I bet it came from Uncle Joey, but I never found out.

Loreen was looking after me most of the time, and I was allowed to go to only the afternoon shows, when Mom performed as the star attraction. But then her star shows didn't start until way later, and I wasn't allowed to go anymore. Loreen and I would play Lego most of the time, well, she smoked a lot of cigarettes and drank that amber drink that smells weird, and I played Lego. I didn't notice, but there weren't other kids around in our condo complex. I learned how to swim and the weather was always nice and sunny. I squinted a lot, looking up to the condo window to see if Mom was up and around. She and Joey slept in a lot.

One day a real nice woman came to see us and she gave me chocolate from her little red purse with the snaps on it. It was a big bar of Hershey's, how did she know my favorite? I was so happy that day in front of the “damn cartoon box,” as Joey called the TV. I ate my chocolate with Yosemite Sam, and Mom had a grown-ups talk with the nice lady in the kitchen. When they had finished, Mom told me that the nice lady was going to take me on a trip to a big hotel for kids. I was so excited that I was going to meet other children that I got my Lego ready right away.

Mom's mouth was different when she packed my bag, but I only glanced at her and kept packing, looking at her again. I wanted to make sure I had every last piece of Lego, even the little twosies. She hugged me hard then lit a cigarette.

   “Bye, squirt,” Joey said to me from across the room, sitting with amber drinks on the table and not smiling at all. At least Mom was smiling with her weird mouth, and the nice lady had the same smile, kinda a half-smile, ya know?

   “Bye.” I held the nice lady's hand and we walked out into the hot day.

Turns out the kid's hotel was an orphanage and I was the newest stray. 'Cept that didn't dawn on me until after about four days, when I'd asked the nice lady—whose name was Martha Day—when I get to go back. It was a great place and all but I was ready to go back to Mom.

   “This is your new home, Jeffrey.”

They had to chase after me, because as soon as I realized what was going on I ran outside and headed straight for the highway. Kicking and screaming. That’s how they brought me back each time I tried to get out, panting like a cheetah. I remember watching National Geographic with Mom about the cheetah. Fastest animal on four legs. I told Mom I could run faster than a cheetah and she laughed and said she bet I could. She bet I could.

Many years later, I wrote a poem for her:


It is strange to be a corpse

the way you have left me lying here

gutted and torn by the crows that found me

in among the mallows

under the midday August sky


I will return as a whisper

in your silent moments

weaving a son's call on a wild loom

that crashes and splits its

tender wood just so you might listen


I know you will miss me

yet you were always missing something

so my absence will simply

blend into all the other

beautiful things you have thrown away

  VEGAN CULT LEADER by Esao Andrews


real-time is boring but on occasion quite tasty...

a studio iOexcerpt.png

Novel excerpt from Emotional Hash: Seanna, a brilliant marine biologist, goes mad and gets transferred overseas to finish her doctorate. The demons return, however, and she must struggle to keep her mind and academic life in balance.

On campus, she rented two identical rooms adjoined by a crude wall hacking job that served as a doorway. A sledgehammer, undoubtedly belonging to a previous tenant labeled by Seanna “Claustrophobic Christian,” had forged a way to crouch between the two rooms. A midget claustrophobic Christian had gouged a date into the threshold (4/8/82) next to an Ichthys, now the sentinel at the base of the doorframe. Seanna imagined a one-eyed fish swimming around and around the Frame, slipping sharp corners. She imagined it guarding a portal into a room set aside for the subconscious studio, where all the Good and the Bad expressions about the real her lie in waiting. Dreams. Sharks and Whales. In Rhythm with the tunes.

The idea proved to catch on, becoming something of a fad in the older campus housing there, and most of the tiny cottage-like dens were converted into double living quarters in this way. Maybe each unit had a one-eyed fish. The rent was remarkably cheap due to the age of the building, but it was still safe. Safer. Safest. Tunable. Tuna-worthy.

In a room, large enough to hole her and her sister if her sister were alive, an electric pan served as a melting pot. The cloth on the floor no longer felt like cotton. It was covered by two-year’s worth of wax mishaps. Of course, Seanna didn’t know that liquid wax seeps through cotton, even Egyptian cotton, almost linen cotton... the floor was ruined, but because nobody knew it, it was still supportive of her work. She lacked support; she lacked reality. Irons and the industrial heatguns and paint-stripper rounded out her arsenal. She was ready to paint.


Let’s see what churlish beams we can glean from these blades...

Encaustics was exactly the medium she needed to warm her ideas on, griddled shapes of mind-gunned-down as form-on-wood. She had tried many times to paint in acrylic and had found the practice ever so final, and too quick! The act always left her wishing for something she couldn’t name, a tentative detail left to dry on the tip of her mind, let alone make an effort to find it. The paints themselves were creamery butter, alive in their haughty tubes, challenging you to scrape or pat or lick their shades of cerulean and phthalo green. The main point, though, was just that, all those grand colors stand to attention at the drying time. Freeze frame, one may as well be a photographer... Blinking, thoughtful head-tilting or pondering detours are not to be paired with acrylic stroking, no - the first murder the last, and she was always left with death on a canvas looking blankly aside, disinterested, without even the curiosity enough to stare back at its creator.

She would never paint in oil either, the vapors were foul climbers, assaulting her senses and actually making her sick. Even if she were anywhere near it, the creep would begin and result in a headache of obsidian shards working their way to the Brain. That little Brain already shrinking. That separation of color when the brushes needed cleaning carved her attention into bits of procrastination to witness. No oil, never again.

She recently had had an affair end due to this sensitivity. He was a restoration artist on the other side of the cove and had exaggerated the misfortune of becoming her ex-lover.

 “What do you mean we can’t continue; we’re just getting to know each other!”

He couldn’t understand the possibility of not touching the silk of her bones anymore. Her blonde mane, her tragic eyes, her whispers of contempt...

            “It’s not you,” she blinked rapidly so the fumes would get less of a chance to begin their infiltration, “can we talk outside?”

            He shook his head several times no, “It’s pouring rain outside, Seanna. Why can’t we talk about this here?”

            “I have to go.” She resigned a limp of her left shoulder in an inwardly shy gesture. She hated having to explain herself. Why couldn’t people just accept things the way they were? Why go to such trouble to dissect confusion, the whole point is to avoid confusion. Clarity rules.

“That’s all there is to it. It’s not you or me, it just is.” She figured a little Bhagavad Gita would soothe him, but it did not and he released a frustrated, monosyllabic shout.

            “You unsatisfied women... do you understand the pressure that you put on a man? To perform! We’re always guessing... we’re always fucking kowtowing, trying to find a way to reach you!”

            “Trying to find a way to reach our zippers, you mean. Yes, I understand, and I have to go now. I mean right now, really. As in: now.”

She pointed to the ground with both hands for wide-eyed confirmation, and then she calmly got up from the bed where they’d spent some fine time together, now a memory wafting in the air to mix with putrid oil stink. She put on layer after layer of clothing until she was sure that the weather would agree to roll over her instead of into the crack in her frame. She was broken but she had mien.


He was, being the Dear John of the two, just watching her dress in shock and even a mild horror held his expression. He did not change his attitude of angrily placed arms resting on that beautifully belted waist, which, incidentally, acted as the pedestal for a bronze torso of basalt and lace. This was her last image of him. Oh, she most regrettably turned away and sneezed outside after closing the sliding glass door for what would be the last time, thankfully never to make the mistake of engaging with another oil painter as long as she lived. Well, the process of elimination was satisfying enough for her to continue her way home in good spirits.

Soaked to the skin as the color clicked shut, Seanna felt that relief of weightlessness of being a single woman. There were no thoughts of others to invade her private head and the heart remained remarkably silent. Hours would pass before she had a memory surge, and then that weight and noise of partnership would appear, uninvited and hungry for resurrection. To the paints, to the surrogate... to the world where she was understood.

Her great escape offered her, after several large jars of good wine, to set forth the last stroke of a piece that had taken her close to a year to complete. The difficulty was because the wheat was incredibly difficult to define in wax, and she kept getting the color on both sides of wrong, having to darken or lighten it all the time. Bees wax is expensive and she would have to stall the painting until her monthly check from her trust fund came through. She was an art junkie in an art shop doorway, going out to get her stuff before going to the grocery store. The smell of that wax was integral to her survival.

Too bad the subject of the painting didn’t survive. Seanna hung it after it had set well enough and she was surprised to see how determined the look on the face of the strangler was. He barely held the ribbon with those two fingers and his target stared up at it adoringly, as if begging for the red velvet to wrap around her neck. She didn’t have to make the victim so falsely virginal, but that’s what found its way onto the scene, and she’s going to die anyway, so what the fuck.

And his suit was way too dark, but it suited the deed. Seanna freaked herself out by going over the imaginary act yet she continued to stare at the work. (Like a hangnail you pick for a while just before taking the clippers to it and the flick of that skin always held just a smidgen of pall-like remedy to your pain.) She dreamed on in imagining that the hovering crows would soon feed upon her gutted and torn corpse left amongst the mallows under the midday August sun. She could smell the hot urine and his sweat. Seanna decided then on the next painting. The girl, false virgin no more, would return as a whisper in his silent moments, weaving a lover’s call on a wild loom that crashed and split its tender wood just so he might listen to her haunt. She knows he’ll miss her, yet he was always stranded, so her absence will simply blend into all the other beautiful things he’d thrown away. Heinous. How the hell was she going to manage that.

The phone hammered her in the back and she realized that she had been daydreaming for some time because it was already sunset and it was cooling off quickly. It was Gordon.

            “Hey, I need you.”

            “That’s the way you start a conversation with someone on the phone? I could have been anybody picking up the receiver.”

            “Well, either way it’s an interesting conversation in the making, wouldn’t you agree?” he chuckled knowing he was right, then waited in silence for her to reply.

            “You sound confident, what would you have said if it had been the paper boy that answered?” she was a bit miffed, really.

            “I don’t think it would be me searching for something to say if it had of been the paper boy answering,” he laughed but relented because he knew she did not like to be teased for too long, “but listen, I do need to see you... this evening, if you are free to make that happen. I would be most appreciative.”

 She relaxed with a sigh and smiled at his cordiality, he did know how to treat a woman with all that intellectual charm of his. Professors know how to profess after all, the title is not a coincidence.

            “OK,” she half whispered in a sultry tone, just to get him in the mood.

She liked to wear the mask of coquette de la salope; it made her feel powerful and friendlier. She knew he was famished for her. With that, she didn’t even say good-bye.

The phone hailed again and she turned the other way, leaving it ring, going off to have a shower after cleaning up the studio. There was always something extra clean about the place, having finished a painting that had taken so long to discover.


She let go and allowed the shower water to treat her to a fantasy of being the board that hung in the other room. It graced a wall in her mind with murderous intent and mallow flowers. The phone rang a third time and she grinned the grin of a woman in love, but it was not her smiling, it was the one kneeling in the painting waiting for a pure strangulation.


Seanna enjoyed being undressed by Gordon. He was erotically quick about it and very precise, just like his mind she supposed, easily focused on tenure and the accolades that would secure it. Thinking was never his problem and, as he orderly removed her panties and laid them on the rest of her clothes piled neatly on the kitchen chair, she chilled a bit and wrapped her hair up slowly sending him into an immediate frenzy. She knew she’d have to keep kissing and licking him for a little while until his hunger would be greater than his wish to give her pleasure. Then she could just lie back and let her eyes begin to whistle, calling forth her higher imagination to conjure the appropriate entertainment.

There comes an acquiescent moment to the man-beast when fighting is no longer possible. Sometimes we let him in too soon, and the rush is deadly uncomfortable and guilt ridden; or conversely, the timing is perfect and the transition is quite smooth and even surprisingly amusing. He and his ego in crime take over in their narcissistic magnificence and cater to themselves down to the smallest minutiae, leaving you free to go into a charming reverie instead of the stale reality of would-be romance. The beast will do whatever you like but only on its terms. Timing for the invitation is crucial and not for inexperienced hearts or emotional virgins.

While Gordon went through his predictable motions, Seanna began her impostor pleasure in her mind. Double vision rays of light came through the ocean’s surface with her there beneath the glow, waiting for something to come and save her. How long she had been waiting she didn’t know, but she was not lonely with the environment embracing her every move, the comforting cloak of perfectly tempered water, pulsing... or was she the perfection? Perhaps cold blood filled her fibrillate skin, and, as she looked down to touch her strange and idle form, she lost focus directly and noticed a shiny object dazzling on the coral reef not far below.

A copper butter dish, half the size of a regular one, shone with strong patina where the plate met the bell lid. Nestled in a bed of rich blue coral it tilted at a sad angle, looking upwards. Perhaps it was waiting as she had been, perhaps they were waiting for each other, but it made no move toward her and she stilled, mesmerized by its magnificence. The top of the expertly fashioned dome had a delicately carved, scorpion-shaped knot, the tail of which was so bright it could have been a beacon for the krill of the world to swim closer and join it in its love. That light was even visible from the sky, and the nighthawks would whisper enviously of deep-sea covens and magical plankton that, if eaten, would assure them a catch on each dive.

But Seanna couldn’t move. She just lay there, pumped staccato under Gordon and the blanket of the sea, staring at her treasure she knew she would never quite reach. It started taunting her with its luminescent indifference, now obviously shining so brightly for another. So she began to make the only move she would allow herself, and with each tear that floated straight out of her eyes, drop by drop toward the dish, the scorpion lid shone brighter still, and it was then that she knew its intent. It was not a treasure that lured her loving attention but a curse of some long-ago, abused king now taking pleasure in her pain. With this shock of myth and understanding, she rose violently to break the surface of her beastly enclosure just as a giant hawk screamed, grasping her immediately in his talons, fetters locking around her entire body, and carrying her off to his deadly nest not far along the scree.


Gordon went to shower and Seanna started downstairs to make some coffee. She felt complacent and finished with, so ready for a new task. With each wide teak stair, somehow she could see events happening in her mind before they occurred in real-time, it was an authentic action laced with premonition and synesthesia.

The creak of the refrigerator door and the chipped glass drawer holding at least seven types of cheese from around the world; these were Seanna’s extra-curricular subjects. She smiled stiffly. That may have been one of Gordon’s most remarkable neuroses; he was literally addicted to grilled cheese sandwiches, never running out of the necessary ingredients. What she envisioned, to his further pleasure, was making an omelet and hash-browns with sausage for breakfast, and the coffee would be so real it would easily champion the orange juice and conversation. Accordingly, that is exactly how the morning passed between them without a hitch. Real-time was boring but on occasion quite tasty...

The Fountain Tarot Review!

Untitled design (45).png

After my first professional read with the cards, I can say they allowed for full backstory recognition plus markers of the client's cornerstone energies to be addressed, as in right now. 

Communicating with spirit usually brings a few head-scratching moments, but these cards left no room for discussion, and I wonder if that has anything to do with my personal relationship with the cards. Using a variety of decks, and generally gravitating toward darker symbolism, I found The Fountain Tarot surprisingly dark and light when I opened the pre-ordered and patiently awaited package.

A silver metallic, cleverly designed magnetic-flap box opens to the words:


Well, thank you! So are you! A-mirroring we shall go... so, as I am a big fan of first impressions, and an even bigger fan of silver, I might have approached the technical reading side to tarot from an already sated aesthetic appetite. My first directive, "Let's shuffle!"

The innocent glee was palpable as the cards skipped through my palms, and that hasn't happened since I first got my hands on a Thoth deck.

Composite, even angular, imagery evokes an interpretation of movement, and, as each card leads to the next, that backstory I mentioned hums behind the scenes and the main messages just stand up and take full responsibility for their presence. I wouldn't use the word "alarming" exactly, but tiny alarms do go off all the way through the readings, and these notes never appear to change, though they might ascend or descend an octave in their vibe. The Fountain Tarot deck is simply one of the most communicative decks I've held.

My favorite card so far is the Ace of Swords; it's like a fucking Pacific Northwestern icicle, ideal for piercing confusion in its heart, rendering it spent and insignificant. The rest of the deck comes off just as clear—I guest you might say it's kismet. And spiderweb obsidian Athame loves to stand guard atop the card of the day (THE STAR), so sweetly they meet!

I thank the creators of this work and their Creator before them.


Tarot To-Do List

 Bryan Lahr Tarot

Bryan Lahr Tarot

This article is for new students, and the pros are welcome to add any pointers they feel they wish they had known when they were first starting out in the field (on Twitter please!).

The world of tarot isn't just magical, it's very practical. Why? Each card represents an archetype or an element of one and, even if you never actually read for anyone else, you'll have found a way into your higher mind and open heart for the benefit of all.

Make no mistake—tarot changes lives.

The Tarot To-Do List below is a practical guideline for the attitude toward the reading and not so much for the technical work. One assumes that the reader has their cards (preferably if they have been a gift—got a birthday coming up?), read several books, and is venturing out to experience a reading first-hand. The tarot school they come from will not affect the steps below; in fact, it will enhance the direction toward which the divine is guiding them.

For optimal results there are a few things that can augment readings and herein are several, brought forward as gentle suggestions: it will be the divine that offers the environment in which one reads and by no means is there a suggestion of interference with that.

The archetypes are something one needs to familiarize themselves with before allowing the cards to communicate their messages, unless of course one is a hardcore friend of The Clairs.

Below, just to get the feet wet; there are outlines to the three precursors to tarot. They are not prerequisites per se, though being able to call on their energetic realities in the material world and be witness to, that is, observe their possible presence in oneself and others, is of great benefit to learning the more technical side to reading tarot. And they're just way cool, so…


This collective word phrase includes any or all types of psychic sensitivity corresponding to the senses: seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting, touching. Clair Senses in psychic terms are translated: clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairscent, clairtangency, and clairgustance. Additional gifts are clairempathy and channeling.


Clairvoyant (clear vision) -- To reach into another vibrational frequency and visually perceive "within the mind's eye" something existing in that realm. A clairvoyant is one who receives extrasensory impressions, and symbols in the form of "inner sight" or mental images which are perceived without the aid of the physical eyes and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space. These impressions are more easily perceived in an alpha state and during meditation, though many clairvoyants can obtain visual information regarding the past, present and future in a variety of environments.


Clairaudience (clear audio /hearing) -- To perceive sounds or words and extrasensory noise, from sources broadcast from spiritual or ethereal realm, in the form of "inner ear" or mental tone which are perceived without the aid of the physical ear and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space. These tones and vibrations are more easily perceived in an alpha state and during meditation, though many clairaudients can obtain verbal and sound-related information regarding the past, present and future in a variety of environments. Most Channelers (also known as Mediums) work with both clairvoyance and clairaudience.


Clairsentience (clear sensation or feeling) - To perceive information by a "feeling" within the whole body, without any outer stimuli related to the feeling or information. (Also see clairempathy)


Clairscent (clear smelling) – To smell a fragrance/odor of substance or food which is not in one's surroundings. These odors are perceived without the aid of the physical nose and beyond the limitations of ordinary time and space.


Clairtangency (clear touching) -- More commonly known as psychometry. To handle an object or touch an area and perceive through the palms of one's hands information about the article or its owner or history that was not previously known by the clairtangent. 


Clairgustance (clear tasting) -- To taste a substance without putting anything in one's mouth. It is claimed that those who possess this ability are able to perceive the essence of a substance from the spiritual or ethereal realms through taste.


Clairempathy (clear emotion) – An Empath is a person who can psychically tune in to the emotional experience of a person, place or animal. Clairempathy is a type of telepathy to sense or feel within one's self, the attitude, emotion or ailment of another person or entity. Empaths tune into the vibrations and "feel" the tones of the aura.


Channel -- A person who allows his/her body and mind to be used as a mechanism for etheric world intelligence to bring psychic information or healing energy to others.

Channeling -- To allow an etheric world intelligence to enter one's mind and impress thoughts upon the consciousness to be spoken aloud, using one's voice or body to deliver the information or healing energy.

I have found both freedom and safety in my madness; the freedom of loneliness and the safety from being understood, for those who understand us enslave something in us.
— Kahlil Gibran, The Madman

The above human capabilities are not exclusive to psychics—this phenomenon can be cultivated—your connection to Source strengthens, as will The Clairs. Generally, one sense is particularly open while the others act as supporting roles, though sometimes all of them are accessible, and it is a gift to work with each psychic sense in moderation and without overloading the earth-based nervous system. Caution is recommended when setting out to study any esoteric field, as one must be grounded to receive from Source with humility for the good of all: just cuz.

Anyone reading this article will probably understand the concept that humans are flat-out servants to the divine, and the job description is simply to spread love in the most objective way possible. Turn empathy into compassion and there are no wrong turns.

To conjure these energies one can call on various accoutrements that support spiritual work in general and one's personal practice in particular. Yep, introductions to the ever-lovin' altar are in order.

One's altar is as personal as private thoughts, and the expression one chooses is entirely subjective. A minimalist? or… Something the Vatican would like (or dislike)? The main thing is to create a safe place for one's spiritual work, where no one else interferes between the practitioner and their connection with the divine.

altar (n.) 

Old English alteraltar "altar," from Latin altare (plural altaria) […] perhaps originally meaning "burnt offerings" (compare Latin adolere "to worship, to offer sacrifice, to honor by burning sacrifices to"), but influenced by Latin altus "high." In Middle English, often auter, from Old French auter. Latin spelling restored 1500s. As a symbol of marriage, by 1820. Altar-piece is from 1640s; altar-boy [girl] from 1772.

© 2001-2017 Douglas Harper

Anything kept on the altar (and one can even have it outside in a special place in nature or in the mind, if there's no appropriate space for it in the immediate physical environment) acts as a bridge and supports communication with Source. It's no more complicated than that. The following is a brief lowdown on the four basic natural elements and what they can offer one's spiritual practice. While reading, allow images of any objects that wish to arise, and perhaps they would be perfect for the altar. If one chooses not to identify with the word "altar," it's perfectly fine, just look around the personal space for that special place to keep the stuff of love, it's exactly the same thing!

Relating Oneself to the Elements

The elements connect with emotions, personalities, thinking styles, and with other aspects of experience, including what one sees and one's spiritual experience. In these areas the elements can be immediately recognized, that is, if there is an understanding of what the elements are. The following descriptions are brief and focus on the elements that one readily experiences on a daily basis. They show general emotional, energetic, and mindful experiences anyone already has, and show patterns of behavior easily seen in oneself or others.

It is important to understand that each element contains all the others, and they work with and against each other as energies mix, just as the weather does throughout the seasons!



When earth is balanced, there is a sense of stability, grounding, and confidence. One is responsible and takes life seriously.

If there is too much earth, there might be heavy thought patterns, feeling the blahs, lazy or rigid attitudes, and unclear dull energy. Too solid. There's very little interest to move and creativity is lacking.  

The obvious choices for earth on the altar are gemstones or any earthy item that means something, like that wild root from the trip to Guadalupe! Flowers, rocks, and any images of land animals that resonate, or other earth-centric imagery can all be placed on the altar to represent the earth element.



When the water element is in balance, there is comfort in life. It literally irrigates the three centers: physical, intellectual, and emotional.  Water allows easy movement around and through daily events and relationships in life and gives the ability to nurture and be in touch with intuition.

Too much water shows up as a lot of feeling and emotion and sometimes the need for everything to be "comfortable." Too much of this can let responsibilities slide and there is a tendency to float through life.

Choosing reps for water often involve a literal cup or bowl of water. Seashells or coral (legally obtained!) are great and add a warm flowing quality to the sacred space.



Positive fire gives the experience of joy, clarity, open-heartedness, compassion, initiating creative projects, enthusiasm… crackling like fire! It's not too hard to imagine the opposite effect if fire gets out of hand. Confusion, hyperactivity, or erratic impulsivity can rule the senses and, as fire is one of the quicker elements to erupt, it's important to keep this one in immediate balance.

Candles! Mmm… lovely, anything red/orange/gold can also be added to the mix, additional items such as incense and other herbs for burning during a ritual practice (if there is one) are some examples of how to bring fire to the altar. Sound yummy, in a medieval kinda way…



Air is the element that promotes change and, when balanced, can transform negative into positive energy at the flip of a switch! Air relates to curiosity, learning and a flexible intellect.

When air is out of whack, it usually means that earth and water are needed. There is little stability or security. It's difficult to focus and the need to shift from one place to another is pronounced. Fidgety, one finds they cannot accept things as they are and is constantly trying to change the outcome. Inner gravity needs support.

Air stuff? Well, feathers of course J and bells or chimes. Plus the wafting action of the incense or a sage stick also utilizes the air element nicely; one can also place the image of a bird to give a strong sense of life to the altar.

The essence of the above information is to be taken as literally as you wish or not at all. Many readers are bare-bonz-stylz and have no altar whatsoever—the important aspect of elemental knowledge is the intention to balance for the greatest clarity possible in your readings. How you go about that is your choice. Respect.



As for archetypes, Carl Gustav Jung has the simplest explanation for the term, and he also experimented with tarot and had a good deal to do with supporting its validity as a bona fide tool for active imagination (Jung, 1933). Being unconscious, the existence of archetypes can only be arrived at indirectly, by examining behavior, images, art, myths, religions, or dreams. Carl Jung understood archetypes as universal, primitive patterns and images deriving from the collective unconscious that stand as the direct psychic counterpart of instinct. They are inherited potentials, materialized when they enter consciousness as images or manifest in behavior on interaction with the outside world. They are independent, hidden forms that transform once they enter consciousness and are given particular expression by individuals and their cultures. Cool, right?

So in short, an archetype is an image that has arrived to the current moment through many performances of others who have experienced them on the level described above. They work through the levels of the mind and help cleanse the psychic shadow, or are a part of it! But that's another article, yikes!

Tarot To-Do List

Now that there's a bit of background to the act of reading tarot cards, it's time to jump right in and go through the steps as attentively as you are able.

1.      Tune in for a bit, and get into a comfortable yet respectful posture that this work naturally assumes. There is no one way, the only need is that you have an understanding that you are approaching a higher power here, so call on your humility at this point, if it is lacking (which happens all the time because we're totally human and it's perfectly fine to need to remind yourself of the divine presence inside of you, no judgment!).

2.      Call the divine and any spiritual aids that help you focus your attention on the present moment as you shuffle the cards. Archangels? Fabulous...

3.      Request that the following reading be from your highest self with humility and love for the benefit of all.

4.      Keep shuffling (see tarot card shuffling techniques here!) and say aloud the purpose of your reading, as many times as feels right—this process pretty much takes its own course when you trust the divine to lead the way.

5.      Having chosen your spread (see tarot spread formations here), lay the cards down with the same rhythm that the divine has set the tone for up until now, allowing your higher mind to scan the cards and bringing your intellect into play to begin the interpretation.

6.      Once all the cards are present, the reading may begin. How you move through the reading depends on your philosophy of tarot and which school of thought you come from, but again, whichever that is, simply allow the divine to govern your basic understanding of the tarot up until now. One assumes you know the spread and the placement of the cards and what they represent generally. Specifically, now you will relate the cards to the current purpose of your reading.

7.      Let The Clairs out! Woohoo!

8.      The story emerges and you can document it as you go or, if you're reading for someone there with you, recording the reading can be helpful.

9.      After the gist of the reading is clear, there might be one or more areas on which you or the querent would like even more clarity, and so you can now pull other cards to do so. The style is up to the reader: you can choose random cards; shuffle again with an audible request; use a completely different tarot or oracle deck or mode of divination such as runes or chiromancy, etc.

10.  On completion of the reading (the divine will also be very clear as to when the reading has ended), thank the divine and any spiritual aids you called forth for the reading and if you have some form of closure blessing, now is the time to say it. Sever any connections with The Clairs and rest in the finality of the moment. Now is the time to return to earth-bound consciousness, in gratitude.

Hope this list and fun exploration of the energies surrounding tarot practice have been beneficial. Pleasant readings to all!

[1] Used with permission from Barbara Murphy's website Quantum Possibilities

Rev Up Your Cauldrons, My Pretties, Halloween is Nigh


AUTUMN makes me giggle for no reason, and it is my absolute favorite time of the year. Why? Well, it seems to hold such promise in its air and a bit of a rumbling danger underfoot, as if to say, “You there! You are bound for a wonderful adventure!” The natural elements give me a bit of a squish, an Earth hug if you will, telling me that no matter what, everything is going to be all right.

Most of my summer is spent in an idealistic state, but autumn steps in and brings forth a kind of realistic boundary to the future. It reminds me not to get ahead of myself in an unhealthy way. Goals are meant to be set, kept, and scored. But the season obliges us to click our heels a little down the alleyway, non? [Enter] SAMHAIN!!! *slaps table repeatedly* Hear, Hear!

Still reeling from Mabon (Thoth is such a character, right?!), this article focuses on the further descent of goddess, on her way to the rich stillness of the underworld. I reflect on gratitude and connect to spirit's life-giving truths.

By way of definition, and to explore the abc's a bit: Two thousand years of après-harvesting and raucous festivities pass down to us, to respectfully honor and continue the spooky glory. How great is that?

Samhain (n.) 

1888, from Irish samhain (Gaelic samhuinn), from Old Irish samain, literally "summer's end," from Old Irish sam "summer" (see summer (n.1)) + fuin"end." (pronounced Sah-ween) Nov. 1, the Celtic festival of the start of winter and of the new year.

© 2001-2017 Douglas Harper

Samhain originally showed in pre-Christian history as a new-year post-harvest festival, and the communities would build winter housing for their returning warriors and meandering shamans. Given the light shone increasingly weaker, I suspect the shamans of the tribe expected the looming darkness to bring its goodies-in-hoodies, as only darkness can bring, thereby naturally repeating the ancient traditions of honoring the dead.


The locals buried apples on the threshold of the house as offerings; built bonfires to light the way for the deceased; ate silent "dumb" suppers and, originally they carved turnips, each a personalized offering. Yes, the dead received passage with a low bow and utter respect. Now that's treatment.

We mark All Hallows' Evening today as an echo of BC history. The commercial side to Halloween complements the great fun of dressing up (I do love some of the props!). In addition, every handful of pumpkin goop and packaged costume or piece of candy corn has Halloween's dense history within them, so strong were the practices of yore.

For my Paganism student readers, you might have already found the documented belief that a membrane-like veil separates the world of spirit from the physical world. Late autumn is the time when it thins the most, so spirits, fairies, and departed ones we wish so much to see again can pass through this veil. Naturally, this also makes Samhain an ideal season for magic and divination. The costumes and social activity grew from the same traditional roots, and Halloween releases our wild side.

Many pagans revere both agricultural cycles and the process of nature; this dichotomy manifests in this sometimes two-sided celebration both the reverend and silly have their place on October 31[1]. Just don't lift that membranous veil too high!

Out of curiosity, what do you do for Samhain? If I could only return to my Irish soil in a time machine and get me a Rowan tree bonfire! Meh, my Hibachi will do…
easier to leap over, that's for sure :)


Lineage is paramount in these celebrations. Try to get your elders involved, even in some small way. If you can raise your veil to meet the familial numinous blend, if only for a moment, gather the sacredness of life and surrender it for the benefit of all. And without being too precious about your incantations, remember who's in charge and bow in gratitude for your lives. That is Samhain. That is the gist of living…

I don't know about you, but my head is a bit clearer in the fall, less full of mind-chatter and slightly more at ease with itself. Less judgmental and endearing, I can walk around in a generally open way, relatively free from the expectations I tend to put on others or myself. My body remembers that as a youth autumn meant the school year had already gotten underway, so practical preparations would fill the time slot of an otherwise overactive imagination. Simpler facts would guide me by the needs of a formal education. But that didn't keep me from sneaking out to watch my buddies Pow-Wow from a distance. As a non-native I had to keep my distance from the formal ceremonies, but you cannot take the wild origins out of the body, they're ever at the ready, no matter which practices you groove on.

One keen autumn memory sticks out for me. I think it was just around the time I had already been in school for a month or so, right at that tender age of seven. I was leaving fairies and dwarves to their forests and inviting the reality of a mature world. I grew up at the base of a mountain with an inlet of the Pacific Ocean rolling just below it. 

The weather always invited a good time, yet it would shift and shimmy with impressive downpours. We were lucky to have the ravines for drainage (a shout out to the flood victims, hang in there beautiful people!). Regular and true throughout the year, water unforgivably doused the land, making it evergreen beyond compare. The best playground on Earth, I think.

Thrashing about in large wet piles of recently fallen leaves was something I had always done and this one day the leaves were present but only a part of me wanted to roll around in them. The other more "mature" part of me kept the act from happening. I remember a glad sadness that I would not engage in such childlike action. No aftermath bath or succumbing to the fated flu that I always had caught a week later. Death to a part of me? or the sneaky common sense of a young adult… I don't know which and perhaps the answer is both. Swiftly, the fall from innocence relaxed into its knowledge just as the fire-red maple leaf turns itself over to the ground below—and so the "splitting" had begun.

These days, I effortlessly return to innocence, to get back into the autumn leaves and Halloween fun. I have Nature to cruise with, and she constantly provides me with great company, inclusive of the dead!

This article is dedicated to your and my ancestors. I am the matriarch to my three girls :)

I honor my gammy, mother, and two sisters, all passed… one was an HPS on Vancouver Island (I know she'll be clicking her goddess love heels for us all!).

Spell to Heal Grief

Samhain is the most sacred and often the most celebrated of the sabbats. In its sanctity comes a part that's difficult to celebrate: remembrance. When we remember, we feel. When we feel we often grieve. Sometimes it's grief for someone dead; other times it's grief for what once was, for what never was, and for our own failures. These are all natural parts of the season, just as much as the joy and mystique.

Grief has its place in all of this, but sometimes mourning takes too much of our energy and instead of acting as a way to teach us what we value, it completely colors our worldview. This spell puts grief in its proper place—informing us of what we've lost, so that we know what in life to cherish.

For this spell gather one glass of water, one piece amethyst, rose quartz, and hematite. Soak the stones in the glass overnight. Using each stone one at a time, shake a little fluid over your head each morning, saying each time:

Lovely gem to wounded souls

find and fill the aching holes.

Set to write what grief has rent;

further anguish please prevent.

Have a safe and love-filled celebration. Oíche Shamhna Shona Daoibh!

[1] Incantation used with permission, Diana Rajchel, Samhain: Rituals, Recipes & Lore for Halloween, Llewellyn Publications (2015).