The Fountain Tarot Review!

Untitled design (45).png

After my first professional read with the cards, I can say they allowed for full backstory recognition plus markers of the client's cornerstone energies to be addressed, as in right now. 

Communicating with spirit usually brings a few head-scratching moments, but these cards left no room for discussion, and I wonder if that has anything to do with my personal relationship with the cards. Using a variety of decks, and generally gravitating toward darker symbolism, I found The Fountain Tarot surprisingly dark and light when I opened the pre-ordered and patiently awaited package.

A silver metallic, cleverly designed magnetic-flap box opens to the words:


Well, thank you! So are you! A-mirroring we shall go... so, as I am a big fan of first impressions, and an even bigger fan of silver, I might have approached the technical reading side to tarot from an already sated aesthetic appetite. My first directive, "Let's shuffle!"

The innocent glee was palpable as the cards skipped through my palms, and that hasn't happened since I first got my hands on a Thoth deck.

Composite, even angular, imagery evokes an interpretation of movement, and, as each card leads to the next, that backstory I mentioned hums behind the scenes and the main messages just stand up and take full responsibility for their presence. I wouldn't use the word "alarming" exactly, but tiny alarms do go off all the way through the readings, and these notes never appear to change, though they might ascend or descend an octave in their vibe. The Fountain Tarot deck is simply one of the most communicative decks I've held.

My favorite card so far is the Ace of Swords; it's like a fucking Pacific Northwestern icicle, ideal for piercing confusion in its heart, rendering it spent and insignificant. The rest of the deck comes off just as clear—I guest you might say it's kismet. And spiderweb obsidian Athame loves to stand guard atop the card of the day (THE STAR), so sweetly they meet!

I thank the creators of this work and their Creator before them.