Aura Reading: Scanning & Healing Techniques


Working on the premise that everything is energy and all energy is connected, we can assume that energy continues its natural expression through our personal atmosphere or "aura." Delving into the scientific auric field explanation in depth is beyond this article's scope, but it is important to address aura reading basics, as it has a direct relation to energy hygiene and the personal responsibility we must take for it.

Imagine the body having a similar expression of energy to that of a tree's rings. There are multiple channels of energy pulsing through our system, and much research of these channels is expressed in traditional and contemporary chakra systems.

An aura traditionally presents as a bioenergy field surrounding the body, and, as with the physical body, it can experience bruising or breaking, among other disharmonies. As an extension to our physical well-being we could correct this disharmony back to its original form, encapsulating the body in a healthy auric field. To do this we must become adept at deciphering the quality of auric energy through a reading or scanning process. It's easier than it sounds!

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After we attune ourselves to allow our hands to become scanners that can easily detect energy needing our healing touch, we become more and more sensitive with experience; we can deepen our healing practice to find the most subtle of imbalanced energies and correct them.

·         Charge your palms using a brisk rubbing technique and allow them to slowly separate and unite while sensing the energy.

·         There will be varied sensations, such as you might feel when holding a pair of magnets: the pull and push of energy; light tingling; pops and shifts, etc. As you practice, these sensations become clearer and easily detectable.

·         After finding the auric area that needs healing, identify whether it needs to be toned (a divot of energy needing to be raised) or sedated (a protrusion of energy need in to be relaxed).

·         Determine the peak or valley point, that is, where you feel the deepest need for healing and present it with a sigil symbol. Depending on the issue at hand, you could be near or quite far from the physical body.

·         Continue the auric field attunement until you feel the work is done. The leveled-out energy will be quite clear.

·         Continue your scan of the body until each point of imbalance has been addressed, keeping in mind the time that passes (some people can go all day!)

We always end a healing session with gratitude and closure. Make it clear to yourself, whichever guides you work with, and your subject that the work is done.

Distance Blockage Techniques

The exact same principles apply to distance healing. The preparation for your practice may differ, as we all have a subjective understanding of how we may best apply our auric healing for others at a distance. For example, you may want to focus on a question the client has, or perhaps a picture of their face or the environment in which they live, all these are viable methods to get into your healing space and transmit your loving energy directly to another: space and time are irrelevant, and one can practice auric clearing as if the subject were in the room.

Bonus Material from Sandra Ingerman "Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing Part 2: Shamanic Practices for Divination, Collective Blessing & Helping Others" course.

We are very pleased to include here a case study of the Remote Transfiguration Experiment that took place as part of the abovementioned course curriculum. The experiment was conducted using a "gas discharge visualization" (GDV) camera, that measures and photographs particle emissions from the body when its electromagnetic field is highly charged. The techniques used show how a strong loving intention to heal can change the energy body for the better.

The results are subtle, yet like a wave on the ocean, the vibrations are felt deep into the physical tissue, manifesting a healing outcome. There is a buzz in the scientific community that has begun to support energy healing modalities as valid methods towards healthy living.

The experiment includes people's testimonial as to what they experienced during the healing session. We thank Sandra Ingerman for her participation in our Aura Evaluation article, by giving us permission to reprint the material.

2016 Remote Transfiguration Experiment for Shamanic Journeying for Guidance and Healing with Sandra Ingerman | Photos and report by Sylvia Edwards

Purpose: To test whether substances and people showed an energetic difference in conjunction with the class exercise of transfiguration. In the exercise, class participants were asked to gather around their virtual altar with the address of a room in a hotel in Louisville, Colorado placed on the altar. They were then asked to see only perfection of all things – people and substances in the room, to drop their physical form and to let their divine light shine, holding it as long as was comfortable.

There were 7 people this experiment as well as a variety of food and liquid substances. The people ranged in age from 53 years to 74 years old. In preparation for the remote transfiguration exercise, they were told to arrive 15 to 30 minutes early. After they allowed their energy to stabilize in a relaxed setting, the pre-testing was done. In this particular experiment, I wanted to see if substances like crystals or stones held the energy of the ceremony. Crystals are known to be programmed, so I wanted to see if they could be programmed to hold the energy of perfection that was being intended for the room.

For the pre-testing, individuals were photographed with the GDV camera, and then asked to hold a crystal or stone for a couple of minutes. They were then photographed for a second time. After the pre-ceremony photos were done, the crystal or stone was then placed somewhere in the room.

The food and liquid substances were also pre-tested. The participants were asked to choose a metaphor for being open to receive and to visualize receiving during the ceremony.

When the session started, I listened in on the session via headphones. When the ceremony actually started, participants were asked to sit quietly and activate their chosen metaphor for receiving. At a point where Sandra was welcoming and honoring the spirits of the elements, I was guided to let the participants hear a couple of minutes of that - to get a sense of the energy. I then plugged the headphones back in so they didn’t hear the actual transfiguration part of the ceremony.

When the ceremony was over, post-testing was done on people and then substances. Comparisons were made of the before and after photos. Individuals were photographed first by themselves and then a second time holding the crystal or stone that they had held in the before testing.


For the participants, an energy shift happened in all of the participants. People take on energy in different ways. For some, the transfiguration ceremony smoothed out their energy field, for some their energy went into a state of chaos, although they reported feeling positive and relaxed during the ceremony. Typically this means that when the energy normalizes, it will smooth out to a more balanced state than the “before” state of a person’s energy. Unfortunately, the last photos taken were right after the ceremony, so I didn’t have a chance to observe what some people’s energy looked like the next day.

The participants made the following observations of their experience:

 - [I got] very hot. Flash of brightness in me and throughout. Then felt/saw as if from inside a very large body – like literally I was seeing the inside of a body – a living body – as if my eyes were part of the body.

 - I was lying on a bed, and I was so relaxed. I was careful not to fall asleep (I thought). At first I had thoughts drifting in and out. Then I fell into a blissful like state of such relaxation. I did not feel weight – just in balance – and oh so well. I had an accident, I fell and my back was hurting (a week ago). I don’t know that lying down only helped it – but it is really feeling nice now – the spine. (This person called me the next day and told me her back was fine when she awoke the next morning and feels this was a spontaneous healing from the ceremony – Sylvia)
 - I focused on just being open – little tension in my head. Sometimes [I saw] white sheet color. Felt vibrations in hands at times, which often happens when I meditate.
 - I was bathed in lots of light. White, purple, green, blue. Feelings of contentment and joy.
 - Felt very relaxed and peaceful. Enjoyed it very much.
 - My heart was racing and it felt harder to breathe.
 - Beginning was much like when I meditate – feeling of Divine perfection and connection. As I opened to receiving, heard a clear voice instructing to “not open to unknown” (unidentified energies). At that very moment you asked about hearing the ceremony. From that point – typical meditation experience. I generally receive odd “drop-ins” of other people’s thoughts and messages.
Here are some examples of the energetic fields of participants:


For this transfiguration experiment, I wanted to see if things like crystals and stones would be programmed or if they held the energy of the room during the ceremony. I photographed the people before the ceremony twice - first without holding anything and then holding a crystal or stone. Then they put their object down. After the ceremony I did the same - photographed the individual by themselves and then holding the same crystal or stone. In the images in this picture - the crystal doesn't add anything in the before shot - it actually seems to disrupt the energetic fields. In the after picture, it smooths everything out - there are no gaps in the auric field and the aura appears to have smoothed out. It seems that the crystal has taken on the properties of the energy during the ceremony. The above photos are of a 53 year old female.

There are three colors in the auric field. The blue represents the physical body, red equals the emotional body and gold represents the spiritual body.

The next example is of a 69 year old female.


Her energetic field looked pretty good to begin with. I offer these as examples of how energy can change. Holding the "unprogrammed" crystal had a disruptive quality to her energy. The Healing with Light ceremony smoothed everything out beautifully and then the crystal after the ceremony seemed to be more in alignment with her energy field.

Everyone is different and everyone takes in energy differently. For me, this example showed the power of the ceremony and how it changed the crystal to be more in alignment with this person's beautiful energy.


This next one is a 55 year old female.

Notice how her aura pretty much smoothed out after sitting through the ceremony where everything in room 147 was seen in its perfection. The gaps and disruptions seemed to smooth out or start to fill in in the auric field.


I wanted to test stones and crystals to see if they held the energy of the ceremony. Instead of testing them individually, I simply put them in a bowl or laid them on a table for the ceremony. I then had people hold them.


When Sandra Ingerman first taught Medicine for the Earth, water was intentionally polluted and then the ceremony of transfiguration was done. When she purchased the GDV camera, I tried to find dead substances to see if the energy could be affected to bring it to a higher vibrational state.

For this experiment, I decided to see how higher vibrational items were affected. Would they change at all?

The substances chosen were:
Organic potatoes
Organic green beans
Organic raisins
Organic celery
Religious medals bought from The Cabrini Shrine, a Catholic sacred place where Mother Cabrini once lived in Colorado.
Soil from Chimayo, New Mexico known to have healing properties.
Vibhuti (an ash substance) from Amma.
Water from the Cabrini Shrine. Some was mixed with plant fertilizer, some was put in bottles – one unmarked, one labeled with negative words and one labeled with positive words, some water that a person that does international healing sells, some iced tea and some rose petals.

Here are some of the results:


The above are photos of the religious medals from the Cabrini Shrine. The after photos show a much more vibrant energy. This is indicated by the larger area of bright blue and the energy around the outside of the medals.

The following are some results from the food substances:


These 3 examples of food also show a much brighter energy field after the ceremony.

In the photograph below, the top captures are soil from El Santuario de Chimayo in New Mexico. It is believed that this soil has healing properties. These samples were placed in small glass test tubes to be photographed. I look at the energy coming off of the outside and the increase of the bright blue color in the center. The Vibhuti is an ash substance that is materialized from nothing and this Vibhuti is from Amma. It was given to me from a friend for this test. These are substances that are supposed to be high in vibration to begin with. There were changes to a more vibrant energy from this test, although not as dramatic as some of the other substances.



The perfection that was held for everything in room 147 of the Residence Inn in Louisville, Colorado had a measurable effect on all people and the majority of substances. Some of the substances showed little change such as the celery, rose petals and the water substances.

One of the things I wanted to experiment with was 3 containers of water. One wasn’t marked, one was labeled with positive words and one was marked with negative words (as in the Emoto experiments). In particular I wanted to see if the energy of the ceremony could override the negative labeled water. These samples didn’t change much during the ceremony. This is something I would like to try again someday – keeping the bottles labeled for longer than a week.
Copyright 2016 Sandra Ingerman Used with permission.